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Hiroko Hibbard is here to assist you as a

  • HADO HEALING practitioner 

  • International HADO Instructor

  • BodyTalk practitioner

  • Aromatherapy Coach

  • Essential Oils & Wellness Consultant

  • Vibrational Raindrop Technique Specialist

  • Feng Shui + Space Clearing Practitioner


Hiroko (Japanese American) has been serving as a holistic healing practitioner for over 20 years in the Pacific NW (Portland, OR, Vancouver & Camas, WA area).


She was born and grew up in Tokyo, Japan.

Being exposed to the two cultures (Japan and America), she has gained the ability to see things from both Yin/Yang dualistic perspectives and beyond. 


Based on the clients' concerns and issues, she will choose HADO machine, and natural healing modalities such as therapeutic-grade essential oils, tuning forks, crystal bowls, etc. to promote Balance and Harmony within Body-Mind-Soul.


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Hiroko Hibbard’s Mission Statement


I am only one, but I am one.

I cannot do everything, but I can do something.

What I can do, I should do and,

with the help of God, I will Do.

Are You Ready to Renew and Transform Your Life?

By reading below, you will get to know the brief life history of Hiroko and learn as to why I chose this Path to help HEAL people who struggle in their lives.  

I was Born to help Heal Others:

Growing up in Japan, I had experiences many life challenges including eczema, childhood arthritis, depression, anxiety, OCD, panic attack, etc. 


As a grown-up, I suffered from chronic pain, fatigue, psoriasis, food allergy, chemical sensitivities, leaky-gut syndrome, etc.  I also experienced severe postpartum depression.

I spent years discovering how to heal my body.  And, as I personally experienced my own healing and  transformation from being sick to wellness, I knew that I was meant to be a Healing practitioner to help others who struggle in life as I did.  

Everything happens for a very specific reason:

We all go through life challenges, but if you realize that each life event happens for very specific reason, you can turn the struggles into Life Wisdom. 


I'm here to help you understand how you can make each life event as a Blessing in Disguise.


You are a Co-Creater and Co-Designer of Your Precious Life!

This is how I can Help You!

After I transformed my life from negative into positive one, I decided to dedicate my life assisting others to help HEAL and TRANSFORM people's lives by promoting BALANCE and HARMONY.  

​Healing occurs where BALANCE and HARMONY exist.

With that, we can SEE things and THINK Clearly.

We can FEEL more at PEACE.

Then, we can make WISE decisions in Life. 

I have some IMPORTANT QUESTIONS to ask you!!!

Q. Are you at PEACE in life?  Are you feeling HAPPY? 


If no, 

Q. Are you doing anything to make you feel at Peace and Happy?

If so,

Q. Are any of the things you are doing helping you to be at Peace & Happy?

If no, 

Q. Do you WANT to be at Peace & Happy?


If Yes, 

Q. Do you KNOW how to be at Peace & Happy?

Maybe no,

Q. then, do you want to LEARN how to be at Peace & Happy?

If your answer is YES, I AM HERE TO HELP YOU!!!

You are a Co-Creator of Your Precious Life! 


Based on your Personality, I'm here to help you design your NEW life and I'm here to guide you as a Peace & Happy Coach!!!


It's never too late to Transform Your Life!

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