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You will read Testimonials from 1) FENG SHUI clients, 2) SPIRITUAL ADVISING/BODYTALK clients, 3) ESSENTIAL OILS customers, and 4) Seminar attendants.

Our Experience with Feng Shui

We hired Hiroko as a Feng Shui consultant and we've seen some positive differences in our life. We didn't have much concern to begin with, but having a general assessment made us aware of some energy blocks throughout the house. As a result of making some changes based on her suggestions, we (as well as our two dogs) feel more at peace and all of us can sleep through the night. After 10 years of sleep disturbance, this alone is such a great gift. We also experienced unexpected events that resulted in boosting our business. We feel positive energy is coming into our life and we feel very blessed to have had her input and suggestions in our home. Thank you.

By Burke and Angelique Harris, Battleground, WA

My BodyTalk Experience

Hiroko has given me such an amazing shift with the combination of "Body Talk" and Essential Oils. When I came to her, I could barely get through the day without taking a pain pill for fibromyalgia. She identified the toxic areas physically and emotionally. The Body Talk cleared the energy and the essential oils began the detox process. I haven't had any pain pills for two weeks and the things that were not supporting my life are dropping off.

Blessings, T.L. in Portland, Oregon

My BodyTalk Experience

Thank you for the Bodytalk session. It was very enlightening. It always feels like you are an archaeologist digging for information from my past and then helping me to understand how to use it to move forward in life. The past two days when I meditate, I envision myself crossing over a bridge leaving my old self (doubts, fears, health issues etc.) behind and enbarking on a new life filled with health, compassion, hope and love. T.C. Lake Oswego, OR

My BodyTalk Experience:
Chronic Fatigue & Insomnia for 15 solid years

Hi Hiroko, I have been sleeping better, not completely through the night yet, but much better than I have in the last 15 years, so I am hoping that it will continue to improve. I was actually lying in bed this morning noticing that I was not in near as much pain as I usually would be, so I know there is definite improvement!

I really want to thank you for all your help, you have most definitely changed my life and I am so very grateful I can never thank you enough! L. D. Vancouver, WA

My Experience with Therapeutic-grade Essential Oils

I have been using the Young Living essential oils and am very pleased so far!I feel better than I have in years, much more energy,little aches and pains are gone, I am sleeping soundly at night, a little fungal rash on my arm is gone and I think the warts are going away, but very slowly.....Take care and thank you so much for everything!!! A.J. Beaverton, OR

Feng Shui Experience: Interesting Awareness

“Thank you, Hiroko! All kinds of sweet things are happening for us since we met with you! Interesting awareness is that the furniture arrangement in our home office was not inviting/accepting abundance and prosperity”. P.M. Gresham, Oregon

Feng Shui Testimonial: My mother’s Lesion in her bladder

Dear Hiroko:

I very much enjoyed working with you. I've implemented some of your recommendations, more to follow. I have some very good and interesting news. Remember that we took down the cracked "bladder" stained glass? Well, my mother had her biopsy today and her lesion has disappeared!!!!!!! (I also had her wear red underwear, by the way). The doctor had originally said that it might just be inflammation, but I guess he was surprised by the finding.

I must admit that I'm a skeptic. Perhaps it was only inflammation in the first place. Perhaps my Christian sister's prayers were the force. Or, perhaps it was indeed your advice. I'll never know what healed my mom's lesion...I'm just relieved that it's gone.

I'm ever indebted to you for your help, guidance, and wisdom. Ever since your visit, I have felt quite optimistic about the future. Thank you.

Warm regards, J. W. Portland, OR

[Hiroko’s Note: Please take down any broken items since they can influence our life physically, mentally and emotionally. For this house, a broken stained glass that her mother made was hung in the area that is associated with Mother (interestingly, the design/shape of the flower on this stained glass looks like a bladder and one area showed a hole and cracked…where coincidentally her mother found a lesion in her bladder. After removing the stained glass and smudging along with prayer, her lesion interestingly disappeared.]

Our Experience with Feng Shui consultation:
Son’s ear problem, Drain issues in the house

It was so nice having you at our house. Everything feels so differently, now. My son has been much more open with his emotions, it's remarkable.

Thank you! S. & R. B. Gresham, Oregon

[Hiroko’s Comment: They experienced water leak, drain issues at the bathroom, toilet, and around the same time, their son started having recurring ear problems. His doctor couldn’t see anything wrong with his ear and couldn’t identify the origin of his ear problem, so they hired me for Feng Shui assessment. His bed position, location of the heater and several objects were giving energetic pressure to his ears.]

My Experience with Young Living products

I have a testimonial for my back & Sulferzyme (MSM, Chinese Wolfberry & Essential Oils):

I have a severe degenerative disc in my lower back (L5 to be exact). I have suffered for years - since high school - and have tried many things. Some have worked better than others but nothing has ever relieved my pain long-term. My friend Hiroko highly recommended Sulferzyme powder. I did not order it right away and then I received a newsletter and email with several testimonials for back pain relief. The sulferzyme powder continued to come up. One lady said she had best results taking her entire dose in the morning. So, I decided to try her method. After about 3 days of taking about ¼ teaspoon in the morning, I was pain free! I rarely have pain, but when I do (usually because I've done something to throw it out), I apply ice directly to the skin, rub Regenolone cream (another Young Living Essential oils product for joint discomfort) to the area and increase the Sulferzyme a tad bit in the morning for a few days. Then I'm fine. I've tried a b-zillion things and nothing has ever worked like the Sulferzyme powder. Life is so much better free of back pain.

Noelle McEwen, Lake Oswego, OR

My Experience with Young Living’s 5-Day Nutritive Cleanse

I finished the 5-day cleanse with Citrus Fresh blend and I’ve experienced some really good results. I’m also continuing to take the Citrus Fresh every morning.


* Deeper sleep, no insomnia, feeling refreshed in the morning. * No PMS tension, irritability or fatigue which is normally very intense for me the week before my period. * No stomach problems! I had frequent indigestion and diarrhea, and also uncontrollable coughing after eating certain foods...since the cleanse all of these problems have gone away! * No more carb cravings!

I had been experiencing stomach problems and insomnia for about two years, but I didn’t want to see a doctor because I didn’t want to be prescribed any harsh, synthetic drugs.

I’m so happy I tried the cleanse! It was gentle and I didn’t feel hungry. By the third day, my digestive tract felt normal again and I was able to fall asleep effortlessly. The quality of my sleep was also deeper and I felt really refreshed in the morning. I also started the cleanse on the week before my period which is when I have really intense PMS symptoms and I had absolutely no irritability or fatigue...it was as much of a relief for me as it was for my fiancé!

Overall, I came away from the cleansing experience with a sense of internal balance. Now I am following up with a healthy diet consisting mostly of organic vegetables, fruit, lean white meat and fish. I also don’t have any more carb cravings which was a huge problem for me before the cleanse.

Thank you, Hiroko for inspiring me and for introducing me to such great products! This experience has given me a fresh start and helped raised my awareness for making healthy choices in regards to what I put into my body.

Many, many thanks! A. K., Beaverton, OR

My Experience with Feng Shui & Essential Oils


You did a fabulous job and I went home energized and full of light. I did learn a lot of helpful things and realized how much I really enjoy the essential oils. It makes people feel better and by you coming to my house and doing the consultation and showing me more about the oils, it brought me out of a deep funk that I have been in. You are very energizing and bringing good to people is a wonderful thing. I realize I have a lot to learn, but by being open and trying this, I know I can transform my life. I'm so blessed I know you and you are in my life. God bless to you and your family. Love, D. L. Tigard, OR

Testimonial: Healing By Communicating with Body-Ovarian Cyst

Hi, Hiroko, The essential oils did indeed play a big part in dissolving my ovarian cyst. It went from the size of a ping-pong ball to absolutely gone in about 5 weeks time! The doctor canceled my surgery last week when the ultrasound came back clear—I was so happy I cried. (The surgery would have been today, right now actually, 9am. I am soooo happy to be writing you instead!)

I researched on the web the best oils for balancing the female hormone system and ovarian cysts. The best choices seem to Clary Sage and the other major ingredients in DRAGON TIME blend. I used that every night on my ankles and feet.

Per your suggestion I also gave a lot of thought to the various EMOTIONS that I thought might have caused the cyst in my female creation center and I decided to purchase RELEASE blend—I used it every night on my stomach and lower back and mentally focused on releasing any anger and frustration that my marriage and divorce might have built up. I feel the anger and frustration is now replaced with hope for a more nurturing love in my life and the future and the possibility of having a family with someone who may want one with me someday (my ex-husband does not want children.)

I also removed all dairy, refined sugar, alcohol and caffeine from my diet and drank lots of water. I got a massage once a week from a talented guy who also believes in the body’s energy centers and did Bikram yoga 3-4 times a week.

So it all worked! And I am greatly empowered by my body and mind’s ability to heal itself. I have purchased several other essential oils since and really enjoy that part of my day. I have been drinking drops of the CITRUS FRESH blend or PEPPERMINT everyday too.

Thanks so much HIROKO, C.S. Hillsboro, OR

My Experience with Young Living’s NingXia Red (Chinese Wolfbery Antioxidant juice)

I'm very, very happy about it, and have noticed over the last several months my vision was improving and I was using my glasses less and less. I, too, am in my 60s, (62 in May), and have been wearing (or prescribed) glasses since I was about 10 or 11 years old. I didn't wear them too often, but they have been part of my life for a lot of years. I can't remember how long I've been drinking the juice now, 2 years? Maybe more, and have to admit I'm not as rigorous as would be ideal, though I generally remember to sip a couple of Tablespoons almost every morning.

S. H. Portland, OR

Our Experience with Young Living NingXia Red:

Just in a month, Joyce's life has totally changed, shared by Darci

Hiroko, My Mother-in-law tried the NingXia Red Antioxidant Juice only on my recommendation. I hadn't even tried it yet, but because I am so in love with the essential oils, I knew that this would also be a benefit.

She has had a knee surgery and has suffered with her knee for years, even to the point where she had to be placed on vicodin to ease the pain. She wears glasses, and has been searching for vitamins to give her the energy she needs because she is a public bus driver for Tri-Met.

She started on the NingXia Red Juice a month ago. I asked her to stop taking the vitamins that she was taking so that she could see the difference her body would feel on the juice.

She called me today and asked how she could order some more of this amazing juice, and she is having the NingXia Red Juice Autoshipped to her house because she doesn't want to ever run out of it.

Her results are as follows: *Better eyesight. She has worn glasses her whole life.

*No allergy attacks. She lives in the country, and suffers terribly every summer. Hasn't had an attack since she started drinking the juice.

*No knee pain. The knee she injured skiing years ago had to have surgery and she has NEVER been pain free. She is now.

*All joint pain gone. She said that she hasn't ever been able to get out of the bed without pain until she began drinking the NingXia Red Juice.

*Taste, and Smell stronger. She said that she has not been able to taste her food for years. She said that one of the biggest effects of drinking the juice is that she can finally taste and smell food.

*More energy. She is a grandma to five children. They keep her on her toes; she now keeps them on theirs.

*Absolutely no stiffness in her body. Her body has not been this flexible in years.

She cannot say enough about the NingXia Red Juice and she is going to recommend it to everyone she knows.

She wanted to tell Young Living "Thank you, she hasn't felt this great in years." Hiroko, if you could share this for me, that would be awesome.

Only in His Name, Darci, Portland, OR

My Experience with attending Hiroko’s Presentation

Dear Hiroko,

Thanks to Heaven for your presentation on Essential Oils. I am truly at a change point in my life. I am almost 64 years old and I am very ignorant of essential oils and human health and balance. Thanks to Heaven for the ancient wisdom of essential oils. I want to learn more and practice the use of oils and anointing and regain more vibrant health and energy. We had such a great time seeing the use of essential oils and their absolute importance to human health. You are a friend who came into my life at the appointment of Heaven. I left your presentation feeling very energized and hopeful. Thanks for sharing your passion and life with essential oils.

G. H., Portland, OR


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