Spiritual Healing is consciousness-based healing. The priority and the focus of the healing is your SPIRITUAL BODY which is beyond physical body.

Things can be materialized because of CONSCIOUSNESS. Without consciousness, there is no manifestation.....including YOU.

Why do we SUFFER???

Are you suffering now?

If so, suffering from what?

Have you ever thought about WHY you suffer and WHAT makes you suffer?

It can be physical pain, emotional pain, mental confusion...whatever it is, it's not a good feeling to be suffering.

Have you ever noticed that you tend to REPEAT SIMILAR PATTERNS such as being controlled, misunderstood, mistreated, or betrayed, etc. Do you feel that you are a victim?

Aren't you tired of living the way you are living?

Solution to the Continuous Suffering

If I share that there is a BETTER WAY to LIVE, would you like to hear that?

If so, please go on to read so that you will understand the foundation of the SOLUTION that I will offer at the end of this page.

And, let me share this lovingly....




Because you are loved, there is Suffering.


Confused??? Please go on...


It's ONLY WHEN you SUFFER, you can get motivated to take action to HEAL.

That's why we all need to SUFFER. Without SUFFERING, no reason to HEAL.

If there is no reason to heal, there is no GROWTH.

Suffering makes us feel frustrated and agitated......


At that point, we normally take one of the below actions as a way of dealing with the situation/suffering...


Expressing ANGER or Keeping Your Mouth Shut!




You keep suffering it's because of ATTACHMENT.

You can express ANGER hoping that other(s) will understand you. It's based on ATTACHMENT.

You can choose Silent Treatment thinking that other(s) won't understand you. = DISCONNECTION.

However, silent treatment won't promote any solution and what is behind the silent treatment is hope and wish that other(s) will understand you. It's based on ATTACHMENT.

So, I hope you can see that either approach won't promote any solution to your suffering.

As the matter of the fact, opposite of ATTACHMENT which is DISCONNECTION is HIDDEN ATTACHMENT.

My goal as a Spiritual Adviser is to help you com OUT of the state of ATTACHMENT.

Ignoring the suffering and running away from it makes you become DISCONNECT.

Many of us unconsciously DISCONNECT from suffering, but it doesn't mean that you are healed. It's because, as I shared above, ATTACHMENT is hidden behind DISCONNECTION.


After a while of either expressing Anger or not expressing emotion (which can eventually make us blow up = expression of Anger), you will come to the point where you are about to GIVE UP!!!

However, please know that there is a better solution.


Giving up and Surrendering may sound like the same thing, but they are totally different.

GIVING UP leads you to escapism. Looking for a source of another ATTACHMENT.

SURRENDERING allows your mind to be open to face the suffering itself, seek new way to see things differently so that you can overcome from many years of suffering.

Healing of EFFECT vs Healing of CAUSE/ORIGIN

When you try to HEAL from Suffering, what would you do?

If you'd never thought about the way you handle your own suffering, I will pose this question.


Let's say, you found out that you have a tumor. Would you have a doctor to remove it right away due to fear?, or would you think that is nothing important and don't do anything?, or would you seek the cause of the tumor and focus on healing the cause of it?


If you look at the EFFECT of the cause and only treat what appeared on the physical level by removing it, you are only putting a band-aid on the wounds. If you ignore, you will leave the wounds untreated. Unless the cause is treated and healed, you may experience manifestation of another tumor again in the future or making the existing tumor much bigger and worse.

Same thing is applied to mental disorder and emotional issue including depression, nervous breakdown, anxiety, panic attack, phobia, obsessive compulsive disorder, etc. If you treat only the SYMPTOM (= Effect) of the issue, you are simply masking/hiding and neglecting to treat the ORIGIN of the issue.


Just like the iceberg as shown above, what lies beneath the symptom (= Effect) can be hidden deep within and it can be BIGGER than you think and BIGGER than what appears on the physical-mental-emotional level.

So, again, which one would you like to treat....EFFECT or CAUSE?



To me, as long as we are dealing with what appears on the PHYSICAL level, we may not be able to promote TRUE HEALING, which can lead us to ULTIMATE FREEDOM.

When you shift your attention from Physical Body to SPIRITUAL body, you may be able to understand the purpose of your life much easier.

Your SOUL was in the agreement of choosing YOUR PHYSICAL BODY, PARENTS, NATIONALITY, LIVING ENVIRONMENT, etc. based on the LIFE LESSONS that you are supposed to learn while having a physical body.

If your SOUL agreed to solve issues for Spiritual Growth, let's make sure to work on them.

School of the Lifetime

Believe it or not, no matter how old you are and how old you become, you've been and you will keep attending classes to learn the life lessons all through the life. You all do this so that you can keep evolving spiritually.

It's like young children going to kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school one grade at a time, and moving onto college (if they choose to go), YOU as an ADULT keep evolving and learning on a daily basis.


And, the name of the school that you are attending is called "EARTH".

You had gone through baby stage, toddlers, childhood, teenage stage, and adulthood. Some choose to get married and experience parenthood.

When children grow up and leave the house after graduation, many parents experience feeling of 'EMPTINESS', 'SEPARATION ANXIETY' and/or some call it 'MID-LIFE CRISIS'.

Even if you don't choose to be a parent, you can still be guided to the stage of life that questions about your life.

At that point, you may ask questions to yourself such as....

'Why Am I Living?', 'What am I supposed to do?' and/or 'What is my Life Purpose?'

To me, SPIRITUAL HEALING is for people who choose to go to College after completing mandatory education.

This is something that no one can force you to pursue. YOU are the one and ONLY ONE who can make a decision to pursue Healing on the Spiritual level.

You will be doing this FOR YOU and FOR YOUR OWN GROWTH and ULTIMATE FREEDOM!!!


When you are ready, a messenger/teacher can appear...



Are You READY?

If you feel one or more of the experiences as shown below, you may be getting a wake-up call to re-direct your attention to pursue Spiritual Growth and Spiritual Healing as your next step.


Do you feel...

* EMPTY and DEPRESSED for no specific reason...?







If so, you may be READY and experience SPIRITUAL HEALING.

If you don't know how to, please CONTACT ME and I'm happy to assist you as a SPIRITUAL ADVISER.


Together, you can TRANSFORM your suffering due to vicious or negative patterns in your life.

How do you know if you could transform and heal from the suffering?

One way to tell is that things that used to bother you and make you upset WON'T INFLUENCE you any longer. That's when you can say you are released and graduated from the specific subject and you transform your ATTACHMENT to that to DETACHMENT with peace and harmony.

Important Reminder

Please note that all of the HEALING doesn't occur overnight.

It can take some time, so please give some time to heal.

And, HEALING is on-going. Healing from one thing doesn't make you heal completely.

It's like an onion. One peel is off and another one can come up. Then, you deal with next one and another one come up and on and on...

That's NATURAL HEALING PROCESS and this repetition of HEALING makes you become CONSCIOUS about things around you and you can practice CONSCIOUS LIVING

Become Your Own HEALER

Also, please note that practicing SPIRITUAL HEALING is to help you BECOME YOUR OWN HEALER.

Everytime when you face your own SUFFERING, DEALING WITH it one by one, you will be one step closer to SELF REALIZATION.

Many of my clients have stepped up to assist others to promote healing once they got used to healing of their Body-Mind-Soul.


I'm happy to guide you so that you, too, can become your OWN HEALER to heal your Body-Mind-Soul, and eventually assist others.

If you would like to practice SPIRITUAL HEALING to assist others in the future, please Contact Me, and I will provide necessary principles and guidance that are required for Spiritual Healing.

Welcome to Walk on the path to
Ultimate Freedom = ENLIGHTENMENT

I wish you the very best in your Spiritual Growth and Spiritual Healing.


Love & Light