Spiritual Growth: Way of Looking at Life



Once you practice Divine-Live-Love principles and manifest what your HEART desires, you may realize that there is SOMETHING MISSING in life and you may get CONFUSED.

If you are experiencing something like shown below, you are at the RIGHT PLACE and please learn what is possibly happening to you!!!


* Do you feel NOTHING can satisfy you?...

* Are you physically-mentally-emotionally tired?...

* Do you wonder why you are repeating similar life patterns
over and over?

* Does it seem you are always doing something for others?

* Do you feel you are ignored or rejected?

* Do you feel you are a Victim?

* Are you confused to see if you are on the right path?...

* You may feel Content, but do you feel something is missing?...

If so, congratulations...

Before sharing the reason as to why I'm congratulating you, I would like to ask you this question........

Who Are You?

Have you ever had anyone seriously asking you that before?

Have you ever asked yourself that question before?

If you think you are a female, single, wife, mother, homemaker, office worker, doctor.......whatever you do as career, please know that is NOT who you are...

YOU ARE BEYOND who you think you are!!!

Beyond Physical Body


It's okay if your mind doesn't completely comprehend what it means at this point.


Realizing that you may be much bigger than who you think you are is the first step towards Spiritual Growth.

Awakening to True You

If you are repeating Vicious cycle or patterns in your life that YOU DO NOT LIKE, and if you are feeling STUCK and you are about to GIVE UP, I will tell you again "CONGRATULATIONS!!!".

It's because it is the ONLY STATE when you can SHIFT your consciousness to CHANGE to HEAL.

Challenges in your life that makes you feel UPSET or STUCK are presented to you as WAKE-UP CALLS.......so that you can get



= the Path to Discover Who You Truly Are!!!




If you are beyond physical body, then what are you?

You are SPIRITUAL BEING. You are beyond what you can see with your eyes, beyond what you can hear with your ears, and beyond what you believe with your Mind.

In the past, you were focusing on YOU as a Ego Mind. Let's start looking at the TRUE and REAL YOU which is beyond physical level.


Would you like to get to know your HIGHER SELF and start having a relationship with IT?

But, first, don't you wonder why HIGHER SELF was hiding??? How come you didn't recognize the existence of IT until now???

Would you like to know the reason?

You became Who You Are Not!!!

When you were born, there was no sense of SEPARATION. There was no sense of self. Do you remember being as a baby?


Most likely NOT.

It's only when you grow older, you will establish YOU (based on physical point of view). You will be identified with your bodies, personalities, family background and all of the beliefs, thoughts and emotion that make up your own experiences.

After a while, you become new identities such as a student, office worker, wife, mother, grandmother, caregiver, etc.

Sooner or later, you will get to the point when you may feel "Unhappy" and "Confused".......

That's the ONLY WHEN you will seriously ask yourself; "What's going on??, "What is my Purpose of Living", "Why Am I Living???" and on and on....then, ultimately, "Who Am I???"

When you pose this question, your HIGHER SELF comes out to reveal Itself.

Path to Spiritual Growth





Once you start recognizing the Higher Self that has already resided within you, you can get to know the role of it and why you were not aware of it in the past...

By having relationship with Higher Self, your MIND will understand many reasons as to why you kept having life struggles, challenges, issues, problems, etc.

Then, you will soon realize that it is YOU who was creating the life up to this point no matter how hard and how much you were resisting from what you didn't want...

So, let's become the state of being at the time when you were born...the state of 'NO SEPARATION' and 'NO SENSE OF YOU'. However, this time, you will get to the state of 'NO SEPARATION' while having 'CONSCIOUSNESS'.


Are you ready to be BORN AGAIN to the state of 'NO SEPARATION'?

We are BORN TWICE in one life time.

One is from the mother's womb into the planet earth.

Second time is from the person who you became to the Real Self.

Awakening state is like re-birthing state. It's like all the children (unless they were born by C-section) who struggled by going through a dark tunnel to be born to this human life, you, as an adult, will be going through struggles and life challenges so that you can TRANSFORM back into SPIRITUAL BEING while you are having a human body and human experiences.

Importance of Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth is necessary in order for you to HEAL and TRANSFORM so that you can reach ultimate FREEDOM in life.

One requirement for your MIND is to be simply OPEN. I'll remind you that what you will experience is beyond Mind's comprehension.

Please remember that you are beyond what you can see with your eyes, hear with your ears, or believe with your Mind.

Then, you will get to learn New Way of Living which can lead you to Self-Realization and much Higher with proper guidance.

Path to Enlightenment

Growing Spiritually to seek for Self-Realization will eventually become the Primary Goal in your life. It will happen naturally, so you don't need to think about it or worry about it.

If you are reading this page, you are most likely ready to move forward with this path.

When you are ready, a teacher/guide/messenger will appear.

The ROLE of your teacher/guide/messenger is to help you re-establish the connection between YOU and your HIGHER SELF.

If you (or I should say, YOUR MIND) can start having harmonious relationship with your HIGHER SELF, you will be able to CO-CREATE your ideal life from then on.

So, if you are ready, ENJOY the RIDE and ENJOY each step of the HEALING and TRANSFORMATION PROCESS!!!


Are you ready? But, do you know how to do this?

If you are looking for a guide, please let me know by contacting me, and I'm happy to assist you as a Spiritual Adviser.