~ REIKI for 21st Century ~



REIKI was being RE-ACTIVATED in November 16, 2015 in Japan.


LEIKI was named by me; MyLa, who was assigned as a teacher and a initiator with the permission from the Creator of REIKI=Life Force of this precious essence.  I received this Sacred Mission to re-deliver the True Essence of what REIKI really is.  

REIKI was RE-ACTIVATED to assist us who live in this Age of Aquarius for the specific purposes as shown below.

From "R" to "L" ~ From "Right" to "Left" ~ from "Right" to "Light" 

REIKI is pronounced as Lay Ki in Japanese.  It's spelled as Reiki when Japanese words are translated into English, so naturally it has been pronounced as Ray Ki.

With new intention and new purpose, I was guided to call it and teach it as LEIKI.

Let's say, if I ask you to "Please turn on the RIGHT (instead of LIGHT)", won't you correct me by telling me kindly that it's called LIGHT, not RIGHT?

And, even the word correction, if I ask you to COLLECT my English pronunciation, you may kindly say, it's CORRECT, not COLLECT.  Don't you think?  

I am asked to correct the pronunciation of Reiki when I am teaching this Sacred teachings in English.


The detail story of this creation along with some pictures as proof will be shared in the LEIKI classes.

By SEEING the pictures, LEARNING about the Sacred Hidden messages behind each picture, and UNDERSTANDING where it came from, you'll definitely KNOW and REALIZE that this is beyond my mind's creation, and it's truly the GIFT from the Universe.

To honor and respect REIKI which is currently known and spread as Hands-On Healing technique, I was guided to re-name it as LEIKI=the UNIVERSAL HADO REIKI.  

The purpose of LEIKI is for the EVOLUTION of the SOUL.  In other word, practicing LEIKI will help you get closer to the state of Self-Realization.


Simply speaking, the purpose and reason for LEIKI is to help those who are ready to get to the next level of the Spiritual Evolution.  And, there are some Sacred and Secretly hidden messages that are ready to be revealed after 3000+ years.  The Sacred messages were purposely coded and hidden for the past 1300 years in Japan.

And, they are now revealed to some people who are ready to receive this precious GIFT.  This is available for all humanity. However, it's totally up to each individual who chooses to receive it now, later, or not at this time.  It has to be your own decision to take this class to receive Attunement and Initiation to practice LEIKI. 

Since 12/21/2012, we welcomed the Age of Aquarius; the beginning of the New Age of AWAKENING.  Just like every living thing, we are evolving.  Even the Earth/Planet is evolving. We tapped into the Age where we, as a Soul, can evolve dramatically.  What was common sense in the past, and what we thought was good may not work to serve us any longer.  

New ORDER is to be born out of Chaos.  This has been reflected in our environment with huge earthquakes, Tsunami, Volcanic eruption, Tornado, Hurricane, etc.  Even on the personal level, many people are experiencing the effect on this by having 'Mid-life Crisis' no matter how young and/or old we are.  Severe relationship issue, conflict, confusion, inner battle, anxiety, depression, panic attack, extreme fear that seems bigger than ever before are experienced among many people now.

Positive news is that these inner conflicts can be the WAKE-UP CALLS for your SOUL.  It's time for your SOUL to get AWAKENED.

To help this transition, I was guided to have an Academy where people who are ready for the Awakening can come to learn the NEW and LIGHT way to live.     

Via LEIKI = UNIVERSAL HADO REIKI classes, I would like to share HOW we can live to fulfill our Soul's Divine purpose. Somehow, we are destined to be ALIVE on this Earth now.  We are here to experience something MAGNIFICENT that we were not exposed to in the past openly.

Are You Ready to Explore, Experience and Practice newly re-activated LEIKI?

To assist those who have familiar with traditional REIKi class, I'd like to share some information, and then, I'll share the differences.  

What is REIKI?

REIKI was developed by REIKI Master; Mikao Usui in Japan in 1922.  However, some of the key information about this Sacred essence was hidden due to the specific reasons, and there are some misunderstanding and some information was incorrectly translated (which will be shared in the LEIKI class).  REIKI is known as a form of Alternative Healing method and hands-on-healing method. REIKI is translated into Universal Life force energy, and through the hands of the practitioners, it is believed to promote healing.....Healing as in 'the process of getting healthy'.

What is LEIKI compared to traditional REIKI?

Now, I'm here to introduce LEIKI (which is pronounced as Lay Ki in Japanese). 

After 3000 years, this essence was re-activated in Japan and it was re-introduced as an ACTIVATE energy that suits for us who live in the Age of Aquarius. 

How it is used is very different from the way it has been taught for many years.  The purpose is for HEALING as in 'the process of Making SOUND and Becoming SOUND'.

Interestingly, by searching for the DEFINITION of the word; "HEALING", it is shown as;

1) to restore to health or soundness; cure; to ease or relieve (emotional distress); to recover from an illness or injury; return to health...per the Freedisctionary.com

2) to become healthy or well again; to make (someone or something) healthy or well again per Merriam-Webster

3) curing or curative; prescribed or helping to heal; growing sound; getting well; mending; the act or process of regaining health per Thesaurus.com

4 ) the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again per Oxford Dictionaries


LEIKI is based on the Healing as in the process of making and becoming SOUND within our body.  What it means will be shared during the LEIKI class since it requires some background information to truly capture the essence of this definition.  That's the main difference between LEIKI and REIKI.


What is MyLa's Story?

During the year of 2013, I started receiving the Inner Message asking me to start teaching this Sacred teaching. Not completely trusting this inner guidance, I requested for the Divine Confirmation so that the information that I was receiving on the inner is REAL and absolutely TRUE, and if it is the case, I requested for the Initiation from the Origin of REIKI. I was guided to go to specific places in Japan including Mt. Kurama in Kyoto where REIKI was received and born by the developer; the REIKI Master Mikao Usui. 

To my surprise, I not only received the initiation via the form of Light Body Activation, but also I was 'LITERALLY' shown HOW REIKI as in the UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE ENERGY is created and manifested which was beyond my mind's comprehension.  It happened during November 11~19, 2015. The Universe showed me by having me experience specific events during this period so that I can show the process of the Path to practice LEIKI, make LEIKI and how to use LEIKI in a proper way; the way the Universe intended originally.  It's because it was totally different from how I knew about REIKI, I received the inner permission to call it as LEIKI to respect REIKI as currently taught, and to distinguish between REIKI and LEIKI. 


* * * * * * *

Thank you so much for reading.  It will be wonderful if you are somehow resonating with the information shared here.  I hope to meet you at one of my upcoming LEIKI classes.


Many Blessings to you...

MyLa (舞愛=Dancing Love)

a.k.a. Hiroko