What is your LIFE PURPOSE?

What is your MISSION in life?

What is your IDEAL in life?

Any DREAMS that you'd like to accomplish?


Have you ever thought about your own LIFE deeply?

If you haven't, it's the TIME to do so!!! It can change your life moving forward if you do and apply some sacred principles.

Life without PURPOSE is boring.

Challenges and Struggles in Life

Everyone, at certain point in his/her own life, will hit the wall that forces us to stop and think and contemplate our own life. Not many people like to go through challenges and struggles in life. However, these challenges and struggles serve as opportunities for your SPIRITUAL GROWTH.

So, please don't escape from them. Please don't ignore them.

When you hit the WALL in your life next time that stops you from moving forward, please BE OPEN and SEEK some guidance.

Where does GUIDANCE come from???


"When a STUDENT is ready, a TEACHER appears...."


Guidance can come from so many sources....such as

Family members, Close friends, even a stranger on the street, pets and animals...

Or, even from TV, Radio, Books, Mails, E-mails.........


What you need to do is to simply BE OPEN and start OBSERVING what is going on around you!!!


This will help you LIVE IN THE MOMENT, which will eventually help you practice "CONSCIOUS LIVING".




Methods to Change Your Life for BETTER


After learning the PURPOSE of CONSCIOUS LIVING and ULTIMATE GOAL of CONSCIOUS LIVING, you can follow below suggestions to practice. After a while of practicing them, I'm hoping that you can find out your LIFE PURPOSE.


First step is about coming up with YOUR IDEAL LIFE!!!

Many people tend to spend time thinking about LIFE THAT THEY DO 'NOT' WANT. But, they DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY REALLY WANT.

It's okay that you don't know what your IDEAL LIFE is at this point. However, I highly encourage you to spend time CONTEMPLATING about your life. It will help you create NEW YOU that you were longing for deep within.

I personally use CONTEMPLATION as a major part of my own SPIRITUAL EXERCISE and


This has helped me IDENTIFY my issues, RECOGNIZE what needed to be learned and healed, and UNDERSTAND the reason behind my action/life patterns/survival mechanism, that I can RELEASE the old patterns that no longer served me, LEARN new ways to live, and then finally TRANSFORM my life.


Is it difficult for you to do Contemplation???

Would you rather like to CHANGE the environment first so that it can help you become more OPEN, FOCUS and READY for contemplation?

Application of Feng Shui system, to me, is WAY OF LIFE.

You will be able to start having life much harmonious way instead of fighting or resisting.

If you'd like to use Feng Shui system as a method to CHANGE YOUR LIFE, please go to: FENG SHUI


Are you the type of person who cannot take action right away???

Are you suffering from 'Yeah, But' syndrome???

Your Mind wants to CHANGE, but your Heart is afraid of taking action???


I don't blame you... I was there. I'd done it. What I discovered during the healing and transformation process was quite simple....




That was it!

If you haven't done anything to change your life for better CONSCIOUSLY in the past, how can you expect yourself to do it 'right' at the first place?

I studied, learned, and practice


BodyTalk System as one method of CHANGING LIFE for better.



BodyTalk system can address issues due to Fear/Trauma, Limited Belief, Active Memories, etc. and how you can allow your MIND to communicate with other parts of body much harmoniously.

It's like.........

MIND says..."You are not talking to me lately. What's up?"

BODY PARTS say..."We are talking, but You (Mind) are NOT LISTENING!"

By simply allowing your MIND to be open, you will start identifying a lot of BLOCKS that can make you feel STUCK and prevent you from MOVING FORWARD in life.

So, would you like to keep living with allowing your MIND to control your life? Or, would you like to learn how you can ALLOW YOUR MIND to be OPEN so that you can understand more about TRUE YOU and TRUE POTENTIAL that resides deep within you?




But, you may say, "I don't know how to do that."

Don't worry. That's why you are visiting my site right now and reading this right now.


If you don't know how, it's okay to reach out and seek guidance. I'm here to support you, assist you and guide you.

If you'd like to do this process together, please CONTACT ME and I'm happy to help you as a


BodyTalk practitioner, Feng Shui practitioner, as well as a Spiritual Adviser.



Your LIFE PURPOSE is something that you cannot use your mind to come up with.

Your LIFE PURPOSE will be coming up naturally without any effort AFTER you made some changes about you. With understanding about YOU and YOUR LIFE, SHIFT in CONSCIOUSNESS happens every time.

This shift in consciousness will help you reveal your LIFE PURPOSE over time.

If you are seeking for ANSWER to your question, you can read SPIRITUAL GROWTH.




Hiroko's Mission Statement




I am only one, but I am one.


I cannot do everything, but I can do something.


What I can do, I should do and,


with the help of God, I will Do.



Did I come up with the LIFE PURPOSE using my mind?


I couldn't. After going through challenges and struggles in my own life, I had to learn step by step as to how I could HEAL.

Did I do this by myself???



I couldn't do it alone. When I was ready to change, I met some teachers so that I could learn how to heal.

It was only AFTER that, PURPOSE IN LIFE and MISSION IN LIFE were presented to me....naturally.

So, please don't feel that you need to do this all alone without anyone's help.






And, let's be OPEN to have YOUR LIFE PURPOSE present to you.

© Healing Hado / Hiroko HIbbard ~ All Rights Reserved

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