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Feng Shui Assessment


Q. Would you like to IMPROVE the QUALITY OF LIFE through the ENVIRONMENT?

FENG SHUI is an ancient art and system of placement, that has been practiced for more than 3000 years, the aim of which is to live in HARMONY with the Universe through the recreation of BALANCE of Yin and Yang along with Five Elements in the environment.

Have you ever visited anyone's house that made you feel so welcomed, harmonious and balanced?


In that type of environment, you can be safe, relaxed and felt at peace. Energy flow in the house can be very smooth and harmonious.

On the other hand, have you ever visited any buildings where you feel like you want to get away from that space immediately?

Whether you are away or not, you can pick up SUBTLE ENERGY in the environment.  

Would you like to CREATE your own environment where you can feel at HOME and PEACE?


I hope you do. It's because outer environment can greatly influence your own health eventually; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

HEALING HADO FENG SHUI uses Compass, Intuitive Method, Feng Shui Bagua, Principles of Yin & Yang, Five Elements to consciously create a space the owner of the house/building would like.  

You can correct and/or uplift the environment, you'll notice the specific aspects your life such as Wellness, Wealth & Abundance, Family Relationship, Love & Romance, Career/Life Purpose, etc. can be improved.  

Feng Shui is WAY of LIFE

For ancient people, applying Feng Shui principles was the WAY OF LIFE. They followed the way WIND blows and WATER runs through, and based on that, they used to build houses/farms/temples, etc.

If you are living according to the way the nature intended, you may feel guided and things can go so smoothly. Then, you may feel you are "living with flow" without resisting, controlling or fighting. 



Purpose of Feng Shui ~Art of Placement

What is the main purpose of application of this ancient art of placement?

In the environment where BALANCE and HARMONY exist.....,


1) you can SEE things clearly


2) you can FEEL more open and be at peace


3) you can THINK more clearly


4) you can HEAR inner guidance much clearly...

then, you can make 5) WISE DECISIONS to LIVE and LOVE your LIFE!




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