Feng Shui Service

FENG SHUI is an ancient art and system of placement, that has been practiced for more than 3000 years, the aim of which is to live in HARMONY with the Universe through the recreation of BALANCE of Yin and Yang along with Five Elements in the environment.

Have you ever visited anyone's house that made you feel so welcomed and didn't want to leave? In that type of environment, you were, most likely, so relaxed and felt at peace. Energy flow in the house must have been very smooth and harmonious.

Would you like to CREATE your own environment where you can feel at HOME and PEACE? I hope you do. It's because outer environment can greatly influence your own health eventually; Health of Body-Mind-Soul.

It's totally up to you to learn and create Harmonious Space at Home or to keep putting up with what you have now.

The choice is YOURS!!! I hope you can make a wise decision :)


In this page, you will learn the BASIC principles of Feng Shui.



Feng Shui literally represents "WIND" (= Qi = Life Force Energy, Air, Oxygen) and "WATER". These are the fundamental and essential elements in order for us to survive on earth.


Without WIND, we die within seconds. Without WATER, we can soon perish.

Healthy flow of WIND and WATER can nourish the environment as well as our Body-Mind-Soul.


For ancient people, applying Feng Shui principles was the WAY OF LIFE. They followed the way WIND blows and WATER runs through, and based on that, they used to build houses/farms/temples, etc.

If you are living according to the way nature intended, you may feel guided and things can go so smoothly. Then, you may feel you are "living with flow" without resisting, controlling or fighting. 



Purpose of Art of Placement

What is the main purpose of application of this ancient art of placement?

In the environment where BALANCE and HARMONY exist.....,


1) you can SEE things clearly


2) you can FEEL more open and be at peace


3) you can THINK more clearly


4) you can HEAR inner guidance much clearly...

then, you can make WISE DECISIONS to LIVE and LOVE your LIFE!


So, when you are ready, let's start DESIGNING the LIFE that you desire!



Yin & Yang symbolizes the way LIFE works.

In order for our life to be BALANCED, we need BOTH totally different perspectives.


What it means is that we need to have BOTH perspectives to live harmoniously. Lack or missing part of Yin & Yang can promote disharmony.


Thanks to having both perspectives, we can recognize and identify differences, and understand and appreciate one perspective of life. It's like without DARKNESS, we cannot appreciate how beautiful shining stars are like. Without having DARKNESS, we cannot appreciate SUN LIGHT.


In the Ancient theory of Feng Shui, we incorporate both YIN & YANG aspects to promote BALANCE and HARMONY in the environment.


When I talk about Feng Shui, I can't talk about it without sharing about FIVE ELEMENTS theory. It will help you understand how natural changes outside environment can influence your HEALTH.