CONSCIOUS LIVING = Ideal Way of Life


I'd like you to take this moment and see how conscious you can be and become aware of things around you.

What do you SEE? What do you HEAR? How do you FEEL? What are you THINKING now?

When was the last time you were conscious like this?

Almost all of us are living 'UNCONSCIOUSLY'. I was one of them. I thought that was NORMAL. And, it can be normal to you as well.

When I suffer from nervous breakdown, I made a conscious decision to LIVE with CONSCIOUSNESS. I started out with simple conscious breathing. At that time, I'd never put my mind's attention to completely focus on breathing before. I was living with fear. To avoid feeling fear, I was putting a lot of clutters in my mind as a coping mechanism. I did it to the point where I couldn't take any more clutters.



You may not know until now, but you are living UNCONSCIOUSLY majority of the time. This is a great way to HIDE how we are feeling and thinking honestly. It's convenient way to live and it's a part of coping mechanism or escapism.

However, as long as you are living unconsciously, you may not be able to promote true happiness and joy that your heart is craving for.

Purpose of Conscious Living

Living with Consciousness forces us to be aware of what is happening NOW. At that moment, you cannot lie because you will be simply observing everything around you.

Ultimate goal of our life is to LIVE with HAPPINESS and PEACE.

If you'd like to reach the state of that consciousness, let's start practicing Conscious Way to Live Life!

Which LIFE would you choose?

So, you are given this choice now;



The choice is YOURS!!!


I hope you will make a wise decision.

Are You Ready?

If you are ready to implement some methods to promote CONSCIOUS LIVING, you can go back to "LIFE PURPOSE" and read "METHODS TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR BETTER".