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SPACE CLEARING is the art of clearing the space by using 5 Elements of Feng Shui tools such as Water, Wood, Fire (smoke & candle), Ceramic Rattle, Metal Chime/Bell and HADO machine. 

Just like we dust, vacuum, mop the floor to clean the environment, it’s important to clear the SPACE energetically.

I’m sure you know how it’s like to enter the space where you feel at peace, balance and harmony.  That means, the energy in the space is very safe, gentle and peaceful.


On the other hand, if you enter the space where you feel awful, depressing, dark, you may want to get out of the space immediately. 


It’s so subtle, but you’ll know and feel when the energy is stagnant or overwhelming. 

With SPACE CLEARING, I move stagnant energy, Purify the energy, and Harmonize the energy to recreate the Harmonious Space at Home/Office and any Buildings.

It's ideal to do the SPACE CLEARING, when you move into a new space, every season, at the end of the Year to welcome New Year and/or anytime when you feel the energy is stagnant, blocked, down, depressing in the environment. 

Any signs that you want to pay attention to is when you feel Stuck, when you feel Depressed with no motivation, when you feel Confused, Anxious and Overwhelmed, when you feel at a loss and don't know what to do.

You may notice a difference before and after the SPACE CLEARING.

Based on how you'd like to FEEL, I can also add specific intention while performing the SPACE CLEARING.


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